Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama: Role Model for coming Generation

When I used to think about role-model in my childhood, I think there was no one. I did not find anyone at that time worthy of calling my role Model. When I grew up, immediately after King Birendra of Nepal was killed in 2001 AD, I felt he was a man worthy of being called as role model. At that time, more than qualities of Late King Birendra, I was moved by sympathy to him and his family.

Today, the age of Shahs is over in Nepal. We could not even imagine at one point of time that Nepal can be a country without King. But, all that was impossible to us some ten years back is now, possible in Nepal. So, the story somewhat in a similar fashion follows in United States of America.

USA, the world’s most powerful and strong and most developed country has different history. Once, it was a colony, and then, 13 states came together and made a federal state, and white men owned slaves and slaves were black. That means Blacks were slaves. There used to be chain and shackle on the hands and legs of these blacks, inevitably slaves, and there were traded like domesticated animals in the markets.

The story sounds like a real story, or script of some debut movie, but that was the reality. Blacks were enslaved and traded. And, the Freedom of Emancipation came into action and so, the Civil War. Black became citizens but a second class. They were inferior to whites and marginalized and discriminated for many years.

Even after Second World War, as late as in 1960s, People like Martin Luther King Jr. had to contend with a dream in his famous Speech of “I have a Dream” where dreamt of freedom and liberty to Black people. He hoped that one day, there will not be any discrimination among people based on his colour and race but merit alone prevails.

And the dream has come true, and the merit has prevailed. The man BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is there, right in front of us, with the message CHANGE WE NEED and Yes! WE CAN. Yes, The Americans have done it and have made a black the 44th President of United States.

President Obama is the 4th youngest man to be a President of United States, first black president, and first man to be president not being born in mainland United States.

The rise of the Harvard law graduate and community organizer, Mr. Obama, is not only phenomenal but it is a spectacular political success in such a young age. Three or Four Years back, Hillary Clinton was considered to be a democratic candidate and a strong contender for Presidential candidate. But, the tsunami Mr. Obama brought from nowhere proves his caliber and ability in political race.

The great and good thing about Obama’s success is not sympathy of black or whites; or of men or women. It can be construed as a success of Black People but the way, he campaigned himself was aloof of any racial division. He did not ask vote from people just because he was a black. The presidential seat of United States is not on any quota or reservation but to reach there, he fought hard but played a very honest game.

Instead, he proved that he can be trusted and relied upon and the people of USA voted for him.

His wit, sharpness, intelligence, intellectual ability and ability to appeal the masses made him favorite candidate over Clinton. He was no where to be seen in the center stage of democratic politics or not even in the far far horizon, today, he is in the middle and in Center, in Washington in Capitol Hill.

The lesson this victory of Obama should teach to the younger generation is all depend on you and your will. The constructive determination always leads us to success irrespective of our age or background. The man whose ancestors were sold like animals some century back by whites is there in Washington by winning the faith of majority people. This is certainly the phenomenal growth of Obama coupled with determination and should act as strong role model for youngsters who know only the complaining all the time. "We know," he said in his inaugural address, "that our patchwork heritage is strength, not a weakness." That’s the determination he has shown to bailout US and the world from present economic crisis and threats from other things. Determination is great and we can only hope that he can succeed in the path he has chosen.

And I hope, unlike me, no children now finds difficulty to choose a role-model if has ever asked to do so.

Let’s extend our Congratulations to President Obama and wish him the successful presidency. 


  1. Nothing is impossible, but its just difficult.

    Result obtained from difficulty persists for long.

  2. Asis, U said rightly and the crux of success. Nothing is impossible and as they say, impossible itself is I M possible. So, impossible should be nothing for the coming generation of people like you and me. N if we learn in right time, then, as they say, the rest is history.

    The fruit of success, invariably, is the most valued thing in our life.

  3. Congratulations to Mr. Dahal for posting such a nice article on Mr. Obama