Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Post in this Blog

Dear All,

It's great to see you all after a long time in a different platform. I was blogging in my various other blogs for the past two years or more. I keep on changing blog platforms and the ways of writing. It gives me a kind of satisfaction and each time, I feel that I am starting a fresh project. There are some blogs where I do blog continuously, no doubt about that. But, from today, most of the time, I will be seen here, in this blog with new ideas and very much new views.

Hope to get all the yuva's great support!!!!

Wake up Yuvas! You are the one who can make a difference!


[My Words: I am posting two articles here. You may call them rubbish; and Somehow, I agree with you. These two posts are here just for making my blog more visible, and nothing else. I do not subscribe the view of blogging crappy things, just for the visibility purpose. BUT, big question is before us. what is the use of writing if no one reads you? n naturally, anybody wants to be read and heard more often n so I do. It’s a kind of experiment as well. Let’s see how effective it could be. You may copy from my blog page and can paste in your blog as well.]

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