Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some old post

I Enjoyed reading this blogpost after a longtime. I, myself, had written this blogpost longtime back for WWW.WNSO.ORG

At that time, I was so enthusiastic to start a project and had done some work, but later, continuity, as they say, became history. After a longtime, when I visited the blog, it looked very deserted but I enjoyed what I had written back then.
You may also enjoy reading it and do support

Welcome all of you! This is a blog maintained byWNSO.ORG. More about us, please refer to the ABOUT link at the top of the page.

Though we created this Blog Post long time back, we are slowly unfolding the mysteries of this Blog. Because of some technical problems, we were not able to upload our pages.

The special feature of this blog is that this is Official Blog ofWNSO.ORG. Here, we will inform you some of the happenings and developments of WNSO.ORG in a regular manner. We will update our pages regularly with Announcements, News, Information, and our views and most of them will be the matters related to Students for Unifying Nepalese For Better Education

Undoubtedly, it is an official Blog and good thing about this is there will be unofficial portion in the blog. We are providing facility of registration (See the Right hand side of the Blog under META Tag) and You, that is; any of you can just register here and blog in this Blog itself, that is under the banner of Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organisation: Blog.

Isn’t it cool?

Any bloggers can write very cool blog with his views and thoughts once you get registered here. Posts can be pretty informal and can be presented in simple manner and in informal way. We do not expect from you any hi-fi journalistic attitudes. Just go ahead. I request readers of this Blog to get this facility of Registration and Blogging here.

Yes, you can do that Right here and Right Now!!!!

A Simple thing you need to keep in mind is please do not spam this blog.

Remind you that it is not the place to advertise Viagra, or any new cool electronic goods neither forum to provide any links to other useless websites. We really mind your language and sincerely request you to use very civilised and matured language. Needless to say, please do not use racist, obscene, immoral and any other objectionable language.

In that case, Our Editor can kick you (you know where??? N humour is appreciated!!!!) Out from this blog though we have very tolerable policy of allowing people to express their views

BUT it is the prerogative of the Editor and ADMIN to decide whom to kick out from the blog. While kicking someone out from the blog for abusive and uncivilized posts, they are not bound by any aid or advice or any consultation from anyone in this world. So, Be aware Dear friends!!!!But, nothing to fear so long as you maintain your standards through standard of language.

Regarding our administrative set-up, there are currently two kinds of volunteers we have. One look after the contents of the page, and another set of volunteers manage its colour, looks and appearance. If you have any grievance on any aspects of the blog, or if you have any noble and innovative suggestions, advice, views, you are most welcome to mail us at

Currently, Bharat Thapa, and Chamatkaribaba are looking after this blog in addition to admin and Editor (Both Admin and Editor’s Profiles are unknown to us!!!!) n these two peoples BT & CB sincerely believe that WNSO BLOG family grows within few days.

If you have any suggestions, those have not been heard, then, you can directly mail to Bharat Thapa ( or to Chamatkaribaba (

And at last, keep on visiting us and do comment us. The comments can be sent from the comment section provided at the bottom of the each blog post. N Finally, do not forget to register and start posting in the Blog.


  1. congrats on ur new blog....
    why r the sidebars of ur blog empty? It'll look good if u fill them up.

  2. Thank You Sajiva for your comments. I am not a tech expert. So, it takes sometime to fill them up. But, surely, I had the same idea about filling them up and I am convinced that I should do that after your comments. Keep on Reading. I will do my best to improve it.