Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Habit of Reading

In my earlier blog post, I was talking about reading magazines and Newspaper. Yes, I love to read them. When I am going to finish this post another day and not on the day, I started writing it, The Hindu is before me. I guess you all know my fascination and my like of The Hindu. It is the best newspaper in India not barring its several flaws and drawbacks.

In this blog entry today, I wish to talk about my fascination of reading books. I am not that avid reader. But, I keep on reading them. Books on all subjects and if they are interesting, I love to read them. I have only one bad habit is not to complete the books once I start to read. I need to make a resolution now in life that I read a lot of and many many books and make sure that I compltete each of them. It is not the first time that I am making resolution but I need to implement them is what I think now.

Regarding books, I am reading two books simultaneously. One is Godan by Premchand in English. I knew that Premchand was a great writer in India where he wrote hindi novels and depicted the plight of poor peasants, n farmers who suffered from British rule. As I understand that Premchand's most of the stories and novels are based on the rural India's life where British Rule coupled with rich and mighty Indians exploited their own Indian brothers and sisters. N Premchand's Godan is also in that background.

I bought this book in 2008 May when I went to Delhi, Cannaught Place with one of my foreign friends. She was not from native english speaking country. So, she bought there some grammer books for children which she wanted to use while teaching primary kids in her country. I have this habit that whenever I go to any book place I bring something with me; for me. 

When I saw that ocean of books there, could not resist myself from buying the book. I took Godan. now, I kept that book for a long time and thought in last October that I should read that. I started reading in October and it's not over yet. I think it is only 51% of book that I have read.

Meanwhile, My friend varun gave me some good books. N I have started another Book now. It is by Sashi Tharoor where he writes about emerging India, where compares India as a gaint elephant and wants to make it a Lively Wild Tiger.

There is a contrast in both these books. One is about rural poverty, and mendicancy of Indian poors before government authorities in North India. Another is about dream of emerging nation as a superpower and economically sustainable. Of course, Mr. Tharoor knows the ground reality of India and makes reader concious of the fact that India owns even the many many poor people in this world and not only the 20-30 millioners in top fifty list. But, we can sense the optimism that sashi has through his writings.
By reading two books on contrasting topics, I look forward to reading more in future....
That's all for the day!!! You guys keep on reading!!! My blog.

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