Saturday, March 14, 2009

Work sucks but I do not mind!!!!

Hey Dude!
Wat's up man?......Vineet says, a new friend. I have seen him often in the office corridor, but had never spoken with him. He speaks with me yesterday in loo. I said, Hey Man. I am good. how r u? He says, fine.........he asked me, is there work till late night? It was about six in the evening. I said not that much but one assignment is still there. And it was saturday as well which is supposed to be an off day but I was in office from morning to evening. I reciprocated him and his answer is they (He and all people in his service line-Transaction Advisory Services) treat every saturday as a working day. I understood.

So, U work in direct or indirect? "I am in Indirect tax", was my reply. So, U work with R? again another question. He was asking about my manager. I answered no, I am with BA, my manager's name.

Okay, So, what are you? an intern or associate? His question was little demeaning n i think by my look on face and youthness, either he underestimated me/underrated me or deleberately asked this question. or May be he did not ask the question was just his way of asking to know about me.

I said, "I am a Consultant". Good, he said. So, When did you qualify? His intention was to ask when did i become a 'Chartered Accountant'? I said, I am a lawyer, a B.A;L.L.B (Hons.)'.

As where I work is a firm by/for CAs, most of them think that I am a CA. n now, my turn to throw him flurry of questions. n the same questions- like in which service line you work? what's ur qualification? how long u are here? how long u are here in this city? n this and that- all in Wh or yes/no question form.

He answered all, of course, as i said above, that he works in TAS and an MBA. Rest of the answers are immeterial now.

After this initial introductory session, now, questions about real work that we do. N he is there to ask another question, "How is work?"

I looked at him, and slowly stared at him, maintaining silence. He waited for my answer. and finally after a little longer pause, I answered, "It sucks."

and again a silence, n then, I add, "But, I do not mind."
hahahha.......hehehe.........laughter from both sides. R not you enjoying it? another question there.

No, absolutely not, was my staright forward answer. I look at him n he is looking at me, is in a real difficulty whether to smile or not. He is in his half smile, and I futher add his difficulty by saying " But, I am getting used to it." I flash a broad smile and he understand that it's moment to smile.
Yes, of course. All moments in life are fpor smile. We should be cheerfull all the time should be able to laugh at our failures and adversity so that stresses can be put at bay. 
Of course, smiling and cheering up life does not mean that you should not take work seriously. In fact, we should always be serious in life at work but tension and pressure because of work should not be there. Anyway, after this initial on and off of laughter and smile, he asked me general nature of work. Then, I started explaining him that I am replying a show cause notice where stakes are very high. Only the service tax demanded by government is more than 100 Carores and I gave some gyan about my kind of work. N we headed to our respective service line compartments.

He headed to west and I headed to east to be more serious in work and to get more 'used to' of it.

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