Friday, May 8, 2009

Life is singing happy tunes!!!!

I am very happy today, I do not know why. I just feel like that. In fact, I should be sad today, real sad. I do not know why should I feel sad but I feel that sad moments are reserved for the day. again, I do not know why I am happy today or happy now.But, I just feel that I should feel happy now. It's enough that I felt sad. Last Some days, I was in some kind of doubt, I think I was sad. And today was dreadful by any standard.!!!! I should be really sad and crying for today's date as it turned out to be ! But, Now, I am happy as I have to be. There is no other option. My colleague Anandita says life has so much bad things/harsh moments which we need to brush aside and move ahead. That's it! She is absolutely right here. A lot of these kinds of moments I have set aside and brushed off but again, it's a question of heart!, sometimes, U feel so helpless and hopeless, and U again, gather all the courage and We need to move ahead and So, I am doing.

It's something like what Vinnet forwarded that mail to me, 9 out of 10. Only 10 percent things in life are outside our control and rest 90% are on our hands. These things will be as turn out to be depending on the way we act. I forwarded this message to Aida and she said one day to me, life is 90% on your control as you said as per your forwarded mail. Againl, I felt she was right!

Why I should I feel sad for the moments which is 10% of my life when I make my life happy by controlling 90% of things in my life??

Today's incidents are like nightmares to me. But, they are just nightmares. i am not in the mood of spoiling my sleep and coming days by remembering these nightmares. If I remember these nightmares, I may have real nightmare in the night.  I am tired of these things.

I expect to be a great day tomorrow and all days after tomorrow. Let me if I can have great days but I will do real hard to make them better days.

Now, I feel real cool and really motivated...........Hey  World ! Here I come, real happy man!

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