Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am walking down a straight road
A straight road with minor curves
little twists and some more turns but
a staright road

No destiny of my own
I owe my destiny to the road wherever it takes me
I do not like to go to unknown places
Therefore, walking a straight lane/road with 
minor curves, minor turns

There is no fixed place to be reached
No time scheduled to reach anywhere
I am not racing, nor competing with anyone
I can maintain my own pace
racing with myself
alone in a straight road with minor curves
little turns here and there

I can see the end of the road after long walks
but no destiny on sight
I can see still and stagnant road
never gets carried away with my constant pace
sleeps silently beneath my foot

The road has been used for years
No complain of its own against anyone
may be straight road weeps sliently
being raped for years by humna foot
but no complain with me
just allows me to walk on these straight roads
straight roads with minor turns
I keep on walking with no end in sight

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