Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh ! that beautifully dirty lake

The still lake next to my house
with stagnant and dirty water
very few fishes jumping in and out
filled with lichen and algae
snakes moving around
looks beautifully dirty
looks so beautiful to me

The same lake was like a lake
some twenty years ago
when I was a child, a small kid
sitting on the stones/rocks near it
on the background of setting sun
what I did not do with her
near that beautifully dirty lake

It was not allowed to go near that lake
some twenty years ago
with the fear that I may fall inside
or a monster may grab and take me inside
the prohibition was there,
so there was zeal
to hide from my mom’s eyes
and go and hide behind that rocks on the
shore of that beautiful lake

I hid myself behind the rock, from the eyes of my mom
I hid my face under her arms, on her chest
Kid ! I was and so she was!
but, we felt matured and adult
and what we did not do!
near the beach of that beautiful lake
so, I find today
the lake is beautifully dirty

I can just imagine her touch
her soft kisses, her soft love
while I see this lake alone
dying with time
wish I get that touch again
on the shore of this beautifully dirty lake
behind those colossal rocks
which there were there, not today !
on the backdrop of setting sun

I love her and that beautifully dirty lake!!!!

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