Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lusty Love of God

This is a very sad poem.....I wrote somedays back when I was not in a good mood. i was just sad, low, depressed and mentally frustrated when working pressure tried to sodomise my brain :).

This sounds little horrible at the end and you may feel like never reading these kinds of words but the fact of the matter is that sometimes, we have to express feelings like this. Just a feeling, so U may not give serious thoughts on these words.

It does not matter to God
because he just needs you today
He loves you so much and
Today, He just wants you

So, he wants you to die and go to him
meet him, hug him and kiss him
because God wants you today

How do you go to God does not matter to him
Just that matters is that you have to be with him

You drink poison or set fire on you
You jump from your house or let the lorry knock you down
You suffer before dying or pass away peacefully
Nothing matters to God as he has no sympathy to you
But he wants you and he loves you

The God has only one wish list today to get you
as the lusty God loves you today !!!!

1 comment:

  1. You knw, sometimes it helps to write funny poems that make you laugh at sad things frustrating you. Humour and chat with positive people always help me to overcome stress and anxiety...
    Cheer up and smile!!!