Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I miss you!

I miss you baby, I miss you so much
I miss the moments with you
The all those cherished moments with you
Hiding myself in the warmth of your hug
I was blessed with your love
I miss you baby, I miss you so much

The flat and clean roads we walked
The clean and flowing water we observed
The sky touching towers gave us the wow view
Which we observed together
I miss those all moments baby, and
I miss you, miss you so much

The calmness around and the cleanliness
My ears and eyes still long for that
The greenery and the magic in the air
My body and soul still die for that
The parks those we visited around and the flowers
We clicked at every intersection
That reminds me-you-my baby
And I miss you so much

The brave soldiers to whom we saluted
The great warriors to whom we bestowed our respect
And moved around in that machine
To see the lakes, to touch the water
To touch you
I miss those entire moments baby
I miss you!!!!

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