Monday, April 26, 2010

A Story of thrown away Prince

Today, sitting in this training hall
I can see those old pictures on wall
of those old kings and his fathers
sitting on the growling tiger

Today, it reminds me the history of my
ancestors to whom this world belonged
people bowed before them
and showed their royalty

Today, I have nothing to hold
and no one is there to pay royalty
I can only wish that
my ancestors had not sacrificed their throne
which they did!
being overwhelmed by their stupidity
I can only wish

I remember their stubbornness and their short-sightedness
and only pictures of this wall remember them

People have not only forgotten them
but have also thrown their picture from their wall
and I have done the same - thrown their picture
from the wall of my room
had not they been my ancestors
I would have converted these wall pictures to
a garbage

But, my hands are tied as they belong
to my blood
or rather I belong to their blood
I see their photo, they are sitting on the tigers
which are growling with anger
with wide open mouth
even tigers are unhappy

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