Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aayu Drona Kaun Jage? Dashain Ko Subhakamana.

"aayu drona sute" is Sanskrit mantra/hymns that our parents chant when they put Tika on our forehead in Dashain. In our childhood, it used to be sometimes fun for us. We used to joke like 'Aayu Drona Sute'..........dashain ka bela sabai jana sute, Chor haru jage.........That means all people like drona and others have slept, and only the thiefs are roaming around in the was our interpretation to create some humour.

The actual meaning of 'Aayu Drona Sute' means May you have a long life like Son of Drona. The Son of Drona is called Asosthama, which is considered to be one of the Aastha Chiranjivi (Aastha Chiranjivi means those eight people who never die as per Hindu epics). Therefore, when our parents bless us saying 'Aayu Drona Sute', that means let my children have long life like Asosthama.........that means you never die.

"Aayu drona sute" is in sanskrit and it is a long chant and each words used there signify something great thing about various people. It is basically the blessings given by your near and dear ones who are generally aged in your families and respected by all family members.

When I talk about Dashain, the nine days puja/worship to god and the tenth day Vijaya dashami should be fondly rembered. Dashain is a festival having fifteen days totally.

There are Dashain Kabita written by various great poets in Nepal. These Kabita/poems depict the grandeur of Dashain and enlighten more about Dashain.

In terms of food also, Dashain is something different like what did nepali people eat in dashain matters. It is mostly a non-veg festival unless you eat only vegetarian food. Generally, the non-vegetarian foods are eaten from 8th day of Navaratri, which is called MahaAsthami and that is today. People, as per their tradition, cut goat, buffalo, chicken etc. on this occasion.

My dashain wish can not be fulfilled but I am yearning for going home. I wish that all Nepalese Celebtare Dashain in great mood.

By evening, I wish to post a nepali gazal about Dashain. I hope I can write a one to depict the beauty and majesty of this Festival.

Wish you all a Happy Dashain.
N Someone is not well this time. Though she does not know much about Dashain, and does not believe on it, I wish that Maata Durga Bhawani will bless her for her good health and prosperous life.

Once Again, Happy Dashain!

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